Unlikely Teamwork

Journal II

It seems that I spoke too soon. We were only a few hours out from Clearwater, when we ran into a strange fellow blocking the road. He demanded all of our valuables and wouldn’t hear anything I had to say to talk him out of it. Choosing avarice over common decency, he signaled for his band of merry men to ambush us.

The guards the caravan hired ran away immediately. Fortunately, I was waiting for an opportunity like this. That reserved eccentric fellow who we picked up in Turtlemill also sprang to the occasion. It seemed odd since he was wearing no armor to speak of. I know that there are those who call upon strange powers and cannot do it in armor, but the sight of an unarmed man in robes running towards armed men always looks like suicide.

No, what was truly odd was the monstrous snake-like beast that he commanded. It made short work of the men who attacked the caravan from the back, and sent the archers on the sides fleeing. I dispatched their leader and his second, and took a third man prisoner to answer to the justice of Clearwater.

- Xiomara

Journal I

Ebbe has just given this journal to me as a token of his appreciation for delivering his wife’s child. It has been a few months since I left San Samasita, although I have been unable to properly keep track of the days that have past. I can’t seem to get the halfling calendrical system to match up with the one I know.

This journey has been uneventful so far. I should be thankful that I have not had to raise my sword in defense of this caravan…but I am bored senseless. Sitting in the back of a wagon day after day is a far cry from the adventures my mentor liked to tell me about.

Ebbe tells me that his caravan is headed to a village called Clearwater. Maybe I can make myself useful there.

- Xiomara

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